Here we are:


You find us in the old city of Amberg. In front of our practice are few parking possibilities. You find more parking space in the surroundings. You find information here.

Our office hours:

Monday 07:30AM to 12:00AM and 02:00PM to 6:00PM

Tuesday 07:30AM to 12:00AM and 02:00PM to 6:00PM

Wednesday open by appointment

Thursday 09:00AM to 12:00AM and 02:00PM to 7:00PM

Friday 07:30AM to 12:00AM


You can contact us via phone (09621/23915), fax (09621/42584) or E-Mail mail(a)dr-riedl.com.

But you can also use Facebook. Please be aware that this is not an encrypted way to communicate.

Our practice and qualifications

We are part of the Preferred Provider Network of Tricare Europe. So we can provide medical treatment to the U.S. Department of Defense beneficiaries in gynecology and obstetrics. For pregnant women we offer high quality secondary care. We care for normal and high-risk pregnancies and cooperate with other specialists when interdisciplinary treatment is needed. For prenatal diagnosis we do ultrasound examinations at an advanced level (which is equal to Level II at a perinatal center) since Dr Riedl has the Qualifications for Level II ultrasound (called DEGUM II). To guarantee continuously high quality from pregnancy test to delivery we cooperate with the Clinic of St. Marien in Amberg and the St. Anna Hospital in Sulzbach Rosenberg.

Normal Pregnancy:

We care for pregnant women according to the German directives called “Mutterschaftsrichtlinien”. These directives take care of high quality and standard. At the beginning every pregnant woman receives a document called “Mutterpass”. In this document, details of pregnancy and relevant details of medical history are written down as in a passport. In emergency situations or in the delivery room this document will help the doctor or the midwife: They can almost immediately know about all important details of your pregnancy. During the routine appointments different examinations are necessary – for example urinalysis and later cardiotopography. If there is a suspect finding or symptom further examinations will be needed.

 Risk and high risk pregnancies:

In some cases, we define the pregnancy as (high) risk pregnancy. This can happen if there is a relevant detail in the medical history – for example high blood pressure or operations – or, if we detect pathological findings during the routine care. As a consequence, further testing (like oral glucose tolerance test or special laboratory testing to detect diseases like gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia) will be necessary. Therefore, the Cooperation with other specialists or hospitals may be possible, yet necessary sometimes.


In Germany, ultrasound is a very important tool in pregnancy care. In case of a normal pregnancy three examinations are scheduled. Besides, if there should be a suspect finding or symptom another ultrasound examination will be required. Especially in case of (high) risk pregnancies, different examinations are useful: It starts with the documentation of the fetal growth over the months and ends with targeted ultrasound if there is a suspicion for a malformation (Level II). The “Doppler” ultrasound is equally important, e.g. in cases of growth restriction or pre-eclampsia. All required qualifications and high standard ultrasound equipment are available. As a special offer we provide three-dimensional ultrasound, not only for diagnosis but also to help you get to know your baby in advance: since this technique produces fascinating pictures of the unborn baby. Additionally, it reinforces a good mother-child relationship right from the beginning.